Take your company one step ahead in global markets with the services we offer.


We support the export and promotion of your products in foreign markets.

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Import support for the products that you want to sell in the domestic market.

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Product Research &

Research and sourcing of the products you request in the world markets.

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Market research services for products to be exported.

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Financial Planning
& Projection

Import and export financial planning services.

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Services for the planning of your company’s management processes.

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Import & Export Consultancy

We offer continuous support in all processes for the products to be imported and exported.

  • Customs legislation research for import products, product supply support and, if requested, completion of import processes on behalf of the company.

  • Training support and market research on marketing, legislation, operations for companies that want to start exporting.

Bardakci Consulting Import Export Consultancy Services

Marketing and Digital Transformation Support

We are with you in all matters necessary for you to be able to trade actively in international markets.

  • Your company’s corporate identity work, export-oriented online and offline marketing activities.

  • The installation of CRM / ERP systems required for you to manage your business in a solid way and to get maximum benefit in foreign trade.

Bardakci Consulting Marketing and Digital Transformation Services

Financial Planning and Management

Examining the cost items that will occur in foreign trade and determining the right price strategies.

  • Making cost calculations with contracted logistics companies and customs consultants in import and export.

  • Maximizing profitability by considering all possibilities when pricing your products.

Bardakci Consulting Financial Planning and Profitability Consulting Services

Product Research & Sourcing

We research the products you need in international markets for you and offer the most suitable and profitable alternatives.

  • Researching the products you want to import or transit trade in international markets.

  • Upon your request, customs cleared product delivery in Turkey or Europe by performing the import operations through our own group companies.

Bardakci Consulting Product Research and Procurement Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Establishing and improving your company’s business processes.

  • Company supply chain and foreign trade strategy planning and implementation services.

  • Training of foreign trade departments and ensuring the implementation of the designed business models.

Bardakci Consulting Foreign Trade and Management Consulting

Boost your management performance and efficiency

Catch the digital age in your company and grow your business with ERP / CRM system design and applications.

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