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Foreign Trade Consultancy

The reliable choice for import, export, digital transformation and financial planning consulting services.

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Present your products and services to the world with our customer-oriented solutions and expert staff.

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Bardakci Consulting International Trade Reference Mckinsey
Bardakci Consulting International Trade Reference Ernst Young
Bardakci Consulting International Trade Reference GLG
Bardakci Consulting Foreign Trade Reference Dev Elektrik
Bardakci Consulting International Trade Reference Infinite Tasarım

Open Your Business to the World.

Import & Export Consultancy

We provide continous support in all processes for the products and services to be imported and exported.

Marketing and Digital Transformation Support

We are with you in all matters necessary for you to be able to trade actively in international markets.

Financial Planning and Management

Examining the cost items that will occur in foreign trade and determining the right price strategies.

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Consultancy Services
Bardakci Consulting Logo Import Export and Investment Consultancy in Istanbul Turkey
Bardakci Consulting

Foreign Trade Consultancy

Take Part in Global Markets

Adapt to the Digital Age

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A Reliable Firm in Foreign Trade

If you don’t know where to start import and export, we are here for you.

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“We were very pleased with the work we did with Bardakci Consulting as part of a project we were working on. The team that worked professionally and quickly made an important contribution to our project.”

Akif K.

McKinsey & Company Ankara

Actively Engaged in Foreign Trade, Expert Team

We are at your service with our expert staff engaged in foreign trade not only in theory but also in practice.

How to Start Foreign Trade?

Don’t be late!

  • İletişim sayfamızda bulunan formu doldurarak bize taleplerinizi yazın.
  • In our preliminary meeting, we will determine your demands and expectations.
  • We will offer you solutions that will meet your needs.
  • If you find it suitable, we will make a contract and start working.
  • We will implement the plan we created together.

  • We will report on the work we have done and discuss the results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In which sectors do you provide consultancy?2019-01-17T08:44:33+03:00

As Bardakci Consulting, we are actively providing consultancy in all sectors, except the energy sector, for now.

Who will be counselling?2019-01-17T08:40:16+03:00

All our consultancy services are provided by our Foreign Trade Specialist Burak Bardakci personally or by our expert team led by him.

How can I get constultancy if I am outside of Turkey?2019-01-17T08:38:24+03:00

We provide services to companies that want to receive consultancy support outside of Turkey by visiting them periodically or by hosting them in our office and/or by contacting them via telephone and video conference.

Do you import and export on our behalf?2019-01-17T08:36:44+03:00

If you have products that you want to sell in the domestic market, but do not want to deal with import operations, we import the products you request with the most advantageous solutions for you and deliver your order to your door.

At the same time, we export through our own group to companies that do not export continuously but want to send products abroad on a project basis, or to companies residing abroad who want to procure products from Turkey.

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